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Trojan~the most trusted condom

Trojan® Brand Condoms are America's #1 condom and have been trusted for over 90 years. Trojan® Brand Condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability. There are over 30 varieties of Trojan® Brand Condoms. More Americans trust the Trojan® Brand than any other condom available at any Deja Vu Love Boutique, Barnett Ave Adult Superstore, Pleasure Emporium, & Boutique Erotica.

Friday, August 20, 2010

**The Top Ten Sex Toys for Brides & Grooms**

By Desiree Duffee, Topco Sales
Brides, grooms, the bachelorette or bachelor party, the honeymoon, the bridal shower — all these wedding events have one thing in common…

You gotta get the perfect gift for the bride and groom!

Blushing brides want sex toys and lingerie on their wedding night more than ever before. One recent report indicates that 25% of couples have a sex toy with them on their honeymoon. So if you are the maid of honor or the devoted sister, make sure you keep this in mind while doing your bridal shopping.

Guys should keep this list in mind, too, because the bachelor party isn’t just about blow up dolls and gag gifts. Guys want to have something useful in the bedroom on their wedding night. Here are the Top Ten Sex Toys for Brides and Grooms as selected by the Marketing Department at Topco Sales:

Number 10 — Climax Rabbits Cottontail Kit
Couples’ kits are one of the hottest gifts. This kit offers a little something for him and for her and comes in the understated, streamlined Climax packaging–this means Aunt Marge won’t blush when this comes out of the wrapping at the bridal shower.

Number 9 — Body Bingo Game
An incredibly popular and easy to play game. Sexy, fun and oh-so-stimulating, Body Bingo is the perfect gift at the bridal shower, for the honeymoon, at the bachelorette party, and even at the bachelor party.

Number 8 — Adam & Eve Signature Toys CyberSkin Cock Ring Dual Slider
This one certainly has the groom in mind. Love rings are always a hit as a couples’ toy, and this ring includes a ball strap and two vibrating Love Bullets. One provides stimulation for him on the testicles, and the other gives her clitoral stimulation. The batteries are even included. Perfect for a serious bachelor party gift.

Number 7 — Lure for Her Pheromone Soy Massage Candle
What a way for the bride and groom to get romantic on their wedding night! This massage candle drips oil onto the skin without burning, making it perfect for that honeymoon massage.

Number 6 — Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G
Glass shows class and the new Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G is in a class by itself. Pretty etched CyberGlass is resistant to chipping and conducts both hot and cold, meaning the bride and groom can create different effects by running it under hot or cold water. Curved to hit the G-Spot, this one is perfect as an elegant gift any bride would love.

Number 5 — My First Vibe with Bonus Vibe Ring in Powder White
Perfect for a sex toy first timer and even the most timid of brides, the My First Vibe with Bonus Vibe Ring is pretty, simple and includes a bonus stretchy love ring with sensuous ticklers.

Number 4 — Bachelorette Party DVD Game
Perfect to get the girls giggling during the bachelorette party! Maids of honor need to grab the Bachelorette Party DVD Game to throw the most memorable party the bride-to-be could imagine. Great fun, loads of laughs, don’t forget this one.

Number 3 — The Bondage Love Swing
An upgrade to the ever-popular Love Swing, the Bondage Love Swing comes in pristine white making it the ultimate gift for the bride and groom. If it seems too pricey keep in mind this is the perfect gift for the groomsmen or bridesmaids to all chip in on, making it the ideal group gift.

Number 2 — Penthouse Couples Collection Make Love Warming and Tingling Lubricant
Don’t forget the lube! Introducing Penthouse’s newest lubricant for couples. It provides both warming and tingling sensations and is a great gift for either the bride or the groom.

Number 1 — Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe

An all-time best-selling vibe, the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe is an excellent gift for the bride. Plus it could be a great prize at the bachelorette party or the perfect naughty gift from the bride to all the bridesmaids. With some many gifting options the Grrl Toyz Silk Touch Egg Vibe is must-have for wedding season.

Ask your local Deja Vu Love Boutiques and sisters stores for availability.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

TONIGHT!*LIVE IN PERSON~Taylor Vixen Penthouse Pet!*

Check out Taylor's New Toy! Celebrating the release of Taylor's Sexy new toy molded from her sexy bits!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

*Memorial Day~Made in the USA! The Liberator, Sex Furniture*

Warm weather means vacations, and it’s time to get ready to go away and remind ourselves why we put up with all that crap at work all year. Travel to special places, great food and drinks, sunshine, souvenirs, no telephones and time to chill. But, what really makes it super special is special sex. Morning sex, nooners and night caps. Short of conjugal visit sex, nothing beats hotel sex. Doing it in a strange place with a “Do not Disturb” sign on the door (yeah, the maid knows) or rocking the balcony, the giggles when the headboard thumps a Macarena on your neighbor’s wall, all part of the excitement.

You plan for weeks, you check out the local hotels and restaurants, night spots and attractions. You go parasailing, deep sea fishing, clubbing at night. And then, to make the day perfect, back for some of that hotel sex you’ve been drooling for. Your heart beats just a bit faster as you open the door. And then it hits you. The bed is just a bed, flatter than a malnourished pre-teen. A two dimensional platform for what should be a multimedia experience.

Where’s my Liberator? You packed the lube, but it won’t be the same. No Ramp, no Wedge, no Esse. It won’t be special. It won’t even be like home. But it could be. It could be even better. It could be mind blowing freakin’ amazing, because just in time for travel season, Liberator has some special adult travel must-brings. First, load up on lube. Take along a smorgasbord, so there’s always something to suit the mood. Water based, silicone, oil and edible all have their places. (Have you ever heard of the oil and vinegar lube? Salad dressing and douche in one!) If you want to be discrete, bring along your Fascinator Throe, or-what the hell-they change the sheets for free. We’ve been working overtime to get you irresistible deals on the hottest seasonal toys, Jimmyjane Form 6 Blue and the Sunny Tickler. Both just scream summer fun, and promise on plenty of screaming when they come to play.

Now for the pieces de resistance. Liberator shapes up for travel with a spin on the Axis mini or a Bonbon for dessert. Both are designed for easy and discrete transportability, and offer the unique ability to combine exciting positioning with hands-free delivery of your favorite plaything to your favorite play spot.

Now go pack your suitcase and get ready to make some memories

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wet Together – For A Couple’s Activity You Can Both Agree On

Wet Together – For A Couple’s Activity You Can Both Agree On
Posted by AmyTheEditor on 9/02/09 • Categorized as Covet this!

The perfect reason for a get Together
This week, we’re bringing you Wet Together, a new couple’s lubricant from the popular maker of personal and intimate products (seriously, wouldn’t you love to work for Wet? We would! Hmmm, we wonder if employees get to take home free lube – will have to ask during the interview). Anywho, onto the star of this of this post…

Wet Together is meant to be, well, used together (duh!). It comes with two bottles of 2 fl oz bottles – one for him (blue) and one for her (pink). Her lube gently tingles when he applies it, while his will gently heat on contact. Offering longer lasting, silky smooth lubrication and sensation, Wet Together goes on silky and clean (no gloopiness, which is important in a lube), it’s hypoallergenic, odorless and colorless once on, and will not harm latex. When you’re all done, it washes away easily with mild soap and water – no fuss, no muss.

To finish it off, Wet Together is wrapped up in a cute little package. Makes for a great gift that you can surprise them with on any occasion – you know, like when you’re celebrating Tuesday! You can pick it up at your local pharmacy or specialty retailer for around $30.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picking the Right Sex Toy Reviewer

We send out a lot of different types of sex toys to different reviewers all over the world. Some of them go to women’s magazines, trade magazines like XBiz and ANB, bloggers and more.

It is a great way for us to get feedback on products. We also love the fact that so many others can learn about our products by reading somebody’s first-hand review of it.

We make so many different types of products for all types of people. Adam & Eve Signature Toys really capture the porn’s brand with sexy girls on the packaging and no-fuss products that do the job right.

The Penthouse Pet Collection is a series of toys molded directly from Pets’ body parts and made out of CyberSkin so they feel JUST like a real Penthouse Pet.

One of my pesonal favorites is Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal Toys. These are HUGE toys made for gay men and they are simply awe inspiring. I don’t use them, but I can appreciate their sense of style!

One of our most popular in-house brands is Grrl Toyz. Sexy, savvy, saucy these toys target the ladies who know they don’t need any silly boyz as long as they got their toyz.

So when we send products out to all these different reviewers sometimes an unfortunate thing happens. The wrong type of person gets the wrong type of toy.

It breaks my heart to read a review of a big ol’ honkin Rascal toy by some little old married couple in the UK. No shit that toy is going to scare the crap out of them!

Rascal Toys Reviewed

We kinda take a leap of faith when we send products to the different review sites. Sex Toy Testers in the UK does a bang-up job getting our products into the hands of their reviewers, but do they really have to send the Rascal toys to the heterosexual married couples?

Rascal Butt Plug Reviewed

It is important for me to address this because Topco Sales puts so much energy into creating a variety of brands and products that appeal to all different types of people, it is unfortunate when a great product gets a bad review because it got into the hands of the wrong person.

It is a struggle to find good sex toy reviewers. Sounds easy, huh? Someone sends you a box of toys, you play with them, then write up what you think. Well, we’ve found that many random people kinda get busy with their life so they don’t always post that promised review.

Sometime people feel like they need to review a toy like a movie reviewer and purposely look for flaws.

Many are just plain inexperienced and don’t understand how an item even works. I mean really, dude, you don’t know how to use a cockring? Why is the review site sending REALLY BASIC TYPE of products to people who don’t even know how to use them?

Cockring Review

If we get a negative review based on the merits of the product, that is fine. The constructive critisism is okay by me.

In this case they sent a very high-end pair of CyberSkin Breasts, molded from Penthouse Pet Kimberly Williams, to a woman. Really? Obviously this product is for a guy who like big boobs.

Kimberly Williams Boobs Review

Not all of the reviews are bad, actually, most of them are quite good. Sex Toy Testers did a gret job selecting the reviewers of the new Slimline G 8X Dual Pleasers. I personally think these toys are as functional as they are gorgeous and it is nice to see them appreciated.

Slimline Review

I’m looking for a few good reviewers. Need the best of the best. People who take it seriously. We don’t pay for reviews or offer affiliate programs of any kind. We have integrity and treat our reviewers like members of the press. We hope that they are honest and not influenced by money.

Interested? Lemme know! We got some cooool toys to give to the right people to test.
By our favorite Topco Sales Blogger, Desiree Duffie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Broke for High End Sexy Toys? Check these Low Cost Alternatives to Luxury Sex Toys…

Topco Sales, Desiree Duffie. Too Broke for High End Sex Toys? There’s that pretty display case in your local boutique sex toy store filled with frilly feathery minxy things and bean-shaped flowery gadgets. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Locked and lighted and reserved for customers with discerning tastes and juicy fat wallets—these are the high-end sex toys. The toys that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Toys that rock stars and trust fund babies flock to.

The helpful sales person at the sex toy store will likely try to steer you toward those pricey toys in the display case. After all, the bigger the sale, the bigger their commission.

But wait! In this economy who can afford a freaking gold-plated sex toy? You aren’t a trust fund baby or a rock star. Until you start pulling six figures a year, these insider’s tips will help you shop smarter, save cash, and buy a sex toy that is just as nice as those luxury models.

Now let’s say you’re eyeing one of those dainty bean-shaped toys with all those frou-frou flowers but there’s no way you can afford it. Just walk over to the Grrl Toyz display and find the Discreet Curved Vibe.

Compact for travel with a curved design that hugs the body, the Discreet Curved Vibe is slightly larger and therefore easier to handle than the frou-frou bean shaped vibes—and it costs about $50 less than even the most basic beanie model.

Do you have a fun-loving affinity for silicone toys shaped like animals? If dolphins turn you on, then get a unique and affordable one!

The Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin is made from 100% platinum cured silicone. It has a curved tail that you can use as a handle, or the included Silky-Smooth love bullet can be inserted to make Flipper flip-out and vibrate. Hygienic, safe, and beautiful, this dolphin is waterproof and retails in the mid-thirty dollar range.

What if you are looking for a fancy G-Spot vibe, but you don’t have a C-Note to spend? The popular Slimline G is an economical option for you.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the Slimline G is perfectly angled for G-Spot hunting and can also be used for external stimulation. Ideal for playing alone or with a partner, the simple design is as brilliant as it is practical. It is made of hard plastic with no controversial phthalates and retails for around $30.00.

If you can’t fork out the dough for the sparkly glass dildo illuminated in the display case like the Hope Diamond—and priced like it, too—then indulge with the CyberGlass Pink Indulgence from Adam and Eve Signature Toys.

CyberGlass is hand-blown, fracture-resistant, and can be heated or cooled to a desired temperature. The CyberGlass Pink Indulgence has a trendy color, is angled for G-Spots, and even includes a pretty storage bag. It looks just as good as its pricy counterparts when you take it out of the packaging—and costs a third of what they do, too!

Furry, fuzzy, fluffy, frilly toys can capture your attention in the blink of an eye. But if you ain’t got the dough for the bling, then the Taboo Tease is what you can swing!

This bejeweled vibe might not sparkle with Swarovski crystals, but it does gleam with fashionable rhinestones and frill with a super soft tickler attached to the base. The shimmering plastic vibe is both attractive and phthalate-free. Priced at pennies on the dollar compared to that frilly pinky minxy thingy, the Taboo Tease is sure to please your pocket book, too.

And if you’re sad because your toy doesn’t come with a fancy stand, please remember that smart people store their sex toys in drawers or satin bags for privacy and cleanliness. Really, who puts their sex toy on display to attract dust and dirt? Ewww…

There are many other frugal options when shopping for sex toys. Before you even walk into the store have an idea of the type of toy you are looking for. Decide in advance what functions are most important and search them out. Do your comparison shopping and let Topco Sales provide you with cost-conscious sex toys until you get that fifty-thousand dollar a year raise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Inside the Silver Spoon Beachhouse Topco Top Secret Room!

By Desiree Duffle, Topco Sales
Lindsey Lohan played with the Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibrator. Jennifer Carpenter and Busy Phillips played with some Naughty Grrl Toyz bondage gear. That’s right, celebrities are exploring the adult themed products in the TopcoTop Secret Room at the famous Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House!
A relaxation destination for celebrities, stylists and press, the Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House is open for the entire month of July and features the best *SUMMER MUST HAVES* from some of the most respected brands in the world.

New this year is a very special room in the Malibu Beach House–The Topco Top Secret Room. It is brimming with some of Topco Sales’ most prestigious brands and products including: Climax, Grrl Toyz, Penthouse Toys, Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys, The 69 Collection, The Private Dancer Stripper Pole, and the Bondage Love Swing.

To see the latest on the Topco Sales Top Secret Room visit the official website.

Some upcoming celebrity guest and events include: a press junket for Van Wilder, a party hosted by Shannen Doherty and Jaime Lynn Siegler, a Rocco Despirito dinner, visits from Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, the Duffs, Denise Richards, Lance Bass, Mario Lopez, MTV’s The Hills cast and many others.

Spring Fever from WET Lubes!

Now that the sun is finally shining and the birds are chirping - are you finding that you feel a little frisky? Noticing that you have a ton of energy? Well my friend, you may have a case of spring fever, which scientists have confirmed, really does exist.

Scientists state that when seasons change, the retina, the part of the eye connected to the brain by the optic nerve, naturally reacts to variations in the amount of daylight. This triggers hormonal changes. Particularly important, is the adjustment in melatonin, a hormone that affects our mood and how we sleep. As a result of light changes, the body naturally produces less melatonin during spring, causing a lift in mood, a reduced desire to sleep and an increase in sensual appetite.

So go ahead - enjoy spring and the rev your sensual engine. Whether it is with a current love, old flame or new beau, try out these date ideas that are perfect for embracing spring weather.

•Plan a picnic - one of the most romantic warm weather date ideas is going a picnic. Grab a bottle of wine and blanket, make a few sandwiches and find a cozy spot in the park.

•Walk in the park - skip the picnic, grab your lover's hand and take a stroll in the park.

•Head to the ballpark - perfect for sports fans, nothing says spring like baseball. Grab a few beers and hotdogs and you found yourself a great outdoor date.

•Mini-golf - challenge your sweetie to round of putt-putt. Loser pays for dinner.

•Take an early trip to the shore - it may not be warm enough to swim, but decent weather and sunshine will make for a great day just hanging out on the beach.

Don't forget your favorite lube - WET TOGETHER!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Experience love ties and naughty fun with your partner!

Are you looking for something different to play naughty with your partner? We've got some really good ideas for you to try along with a few quality products by Topco Sales.

Liven up your bedtime adventures and try something different. Many times, we seem to get into a rut where it seems like the same thing, different night. Try making time in the afternoon and get a little rough and naughty.

Japanese Silk Love Rope™ Hog Tie, Red

Bind wrists and ankles behind back easily and gently, rope is strong but soft against wrists and ankles to allow for friction free - clasps move freely against rope. Fully adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs, For bondage beginners and experienced players.

Adam & Eve® Sinners' Waist Harness and Cuffs

Adjustable nylon waist harness with attached D-rings
Fits waist sizes 31" to 41" (79 cm to 104 cm), soft, secure neoprene cuffs
Thick Velcro closures, thumb-slide clips, harness and cuffs are waterproof and machine washable. Also Phthalate free.

Adam & Eve® Sinners' Naughty Playtime Kit

Blindfolding heightens remaining senses,dual straps keep eye mask in place,
Silky side of eye mask rests against eyes; pink side seduces a lover, pink and black feathers deliver unbearable tickles (we love the tickles and turning up the heat!)
Rubber whip tendrils deliver a sting!

Create an erotic adventure that will put a spark back into your bedroom experience!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spice up your casual wear with some sexy stilettos!

Are you tired of looking drab and boring with your wardrobe?  Go out and get you a pair of stiletto shoes.  Stiletto shoes are some of the most glamorous accessories out there.  Not only do you feel sexy and amazing, but your calves and thighs will look better than they ever have and the added height will make you appear and feel like a fashion-model, sleek and tall. There are several advantages that stilettos have you are probably wondering why you should not just wear them all the time. The good news is, you very nearly can--if your feet can take it, of course.
*Stilettos can spark up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. (Make sure your jeans are long enough, so they don't appear as if you wear clothes too small).
*Wear skirts that are lose and flowing.
*Avoid shorts.  Shorts may be too casual to wear with stilettos, they may make you look overdone, and at worst, trampy.

Some fairly priced and sexy shoes you may like: Pleasers and Taboo, are a few ideas.  Look great and be sexy!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sex Toys and Technology

There are thousands of sex toys to choose from that offer everything from function modalities to twists and turns; and lets not forget to mention the rainbow of colors available now. Shopping for the right toy for yourself can be quite a challenge.
There is a new innovative line of toys by California Exotic Novelties. I've had the opportunity to test these out and will share one primary thing; these toys will amaze you. The i-Tap series offers the world's first touch activated vibe! The speed modalities can range from i-7, i-8 to i-9, and even stronger. This line of toys also contain a motor that is stronger than many other toys available and a revolutionary new touch sensitive technology, there are no buttons or switches, just simply tap to activate each function.

Here are a few products to try.
iTap G Vibe
These toys have a new soft texture with sleek and seamless construction. 5 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. ABS with Velvet-Cote (PU Cote).

Couture Collection: Petite Couture Collection(tm) - Ecstasy
Elevate your expectations with the new Couture Collection(tm). Seamless, sophisticated, waterproof massagers crafted from the finest grade Silicone. Designed for power and performance Couture" is simply the best!
Premium Silicone, compact, idscreetly sized dual stimulators.
Soft,pliable, flexible, seamless, and unscented, 7 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, 3 speeds of shaft rotation, Feather touch controller with luminous lights, Automatic on/off button, Medical grade Japanese Silicone (Sleeve) ABS(Controller).

Couture Collection(tm) Utopia(tm)
Waterproof, Premium multi-funtion dual stimulators. Soft, flexible, pliable, seamless, and unscented. 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
3 speeds of shaft rotation, Feather touch controller with luminous light, Automatic on/off button. Medical grade Japanese Silicone.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ladies n Lovers, One Night Stand Event in San Diego

It was another fantastic event at Barnett Adult Superstore in San Diego! A nice break from the nasty cold rain we've had lately in the area. What a treat it was, especially for Valentines. Free appetizers, softdrinks-water, so much information about products and other sensual items, and yes- free goodie bags too!
Let me share with you what was in my goodie bag:
Kama Sutra Body Souffle - Strawberry: This lucious kissable whipped cream can be used for a sensual massage. The cream smells delicious and feels so soft and awesome! It feels like you just steppped out of a shower (fresh-cool, soft; not sticky or oily, or pasty) without having to actually do so. You can also use as a moisturizer on hands, neck, perhaps near the private area/legs, and you smell so yummy. Feel sexy anytime for your partner - wow! And it just washes away.
Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel: Warming and Cooling. This arousing gel was created especially for women and has the power to heighten your sensitivity and inspire intense new pleasures with a wonderfully warming or cooling sensation. You can also use them together and create a ****POW/WOW****SHAZAMM!! feeling.
Kama Sutra Honey Dust: Strawberry Dreams. An extraordinary product that is created from pure, fresh honey. This dusting powder invites luscious kisses with a flavor of plump, juicy strawberries. A small handmade feather applicator is included and you stroke it gently across your body and can be used in areas such as under the breasts (if you perspire in this area) or in the private area - to feel fresh - clean - and smelling fantastic!! Feel Sexy Always!!
Several vendors attended the event. Products and merchandise were featured from Digital Playground - introducing new lines of toys~Pirate Collection, Tantus Inc, Sex in the Shower, Cal Exotics, Lelo, Fantasy Lingerie, and of course all of our outstanding guests! Hope you all can make it to one of our Ladies & Lovers events at many of our other Boutiques across the U.S. It's an adventure full of extraordinary imagination and discovery that you will surely enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

*Making Valentine's Day shopping easier*

Valentine's Day gift shopping can be frustrating and challenging. Especially when it comes to items such as lingerie or intimatewear. We hope we can help guide you in your search for that special Valentine's Day gift. To help you out a little, it's nice to know some of the types of lingerie and a little about each.

Babydoll: a short nightgown or negligee that may come with matching panties. They consist of a form fitting cups with loose fitting fabric that falls somewhere between the hips and belly button. This lingerie is typically trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows, ribbons, and is made of a sheer, like nylon, chiffon or silk.
Camisole: or cami is a short lingerie top, fitted around the bust and ending at the waistline. Camisoles come in any kind of fabric from mesh and lace, silk to leather. Camis can be worn as outerwear also depending on the fabric. Great for wearing layers.
Corsets: are boned and close fitting type of lingerie that create structure and control. By reducing the waist and exaggerating the bust and hips, the corset emphasizes a woman's curvy figure. Corsets begin either above or just below the bust and extend down to the waist or just below the hips. These compare to the bustiers, but without straps.
Bustier: is a bra that extends to the waist, providing additional support, control and sex appeal. Although it comes with straps, it is comparable to the Corset. You can wear bustiers under clothes, or wear as a top with a pair of jeans! Sexy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wowing the world with We-Vibe, The Ultimate Couple's Toy

The We-Vibe and We-Vibe II phenomenon is reaching hundreds of couples and growing. This extraordinary adult toy for couples is the ultimate tool to achieve maximum intimacy and pleasure, that is both of you, together! Here's a little information about this amazing bedtoy.

Designed for internal and external stimulation, solo and partner play, We-Vibe II's smooth, silky design is hands-free, strap-free, wireless and comfortable!

With a unique thin flexing arm (on the edge of top secret and patent pending around the world!), that warms to your body, the We-Vibe II gently conforms to your individual shape. When worn, its anatomical design causes the We-Vibe to naturally hug your body and maintains its position during your favorite sexual positions.

Women keep saying, "I never knew it would be so small and flexible!" Men rejoice with the good vibes they receive from both their partner and the We-Vibe II itself, even with a condom on! (Use only Water-based lube with silicone-based toys!)

With two quiet and powerful motors on both ends, the internal and external arms stimulate using a natural flexing "L" shape, and space age design technology. The We-Vibe II is definitely built to last for years of pleasure while making love or during solo play.

With We-Vibe II's new mode memory, you can now return to your favourite mode within one hour of use. Your We-Vibe will resume play, and run non-stop for up to 2 hours of fun! (Cha-Cha!)

When you're finished playing, just wash with soap and water and plug your We-Vibe into the charger. Just below the power button is an indent where the tip of your charger is inserted, allowing for easy recharging. You can leave your We-Vibe II plugged in as long as you like, as the high quality battery can never over-charge or lose its full ability to charge. (Never use your We-Vibe while plugged into the charger and always keep your charger away from water.)

With amazing battery power, and designed for years of reliable use, your We-Vibe will become an important and trusted partner in those intimate evenings of sensual fun. Even though you can always leave your We-Vibe II charging, if you forget to recharge your toy the new intelligent battery knows and automatically shuts off until you recharge it. This protects the life of your battery and helps ensure your We-Vibe lasts for years of play! (Charge your We-Vibe for a full 24 hours before using it the first time). If you want to learn more about the We-Vibes, visit:

Monday, January 25, 2010

**Be My Valentine" Event at Love Boutique Vista

“Be My Valentine” Event Jan. 21st, 2010
Last week in San Diego County, even the thunderstorms, rain, hail and lightening couldn’t stop the explosive hot and steamy night of “Be My Valentine” event at Déjà Vu Love Boutique in Vista on Thursday, January 21st. Together with our sponsors, Georges’ Fun Factory and WET® provided an educational demonstration of the “how to’s” of toys and lubes. Some of the toys featured were the Loose & Inflatable Ball & Chain and the Wacky Willie Sponge~ great items for the bachelorette’s. Also, WET® shared information about the benefits of their fabulous lubricants especially their new lube called WET Together lube and gel for Couples.
Some of the other toys featured were the We-Vibe II ~ new and innovative couples toy of the 21st century. This Uniquely designed revolutionary product is the first ever vibrator that can be used while making love. The innovative design allows for both external clitoral and internal g-spot stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play. The We-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless. Created from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s soft, comfortable and easy to use. The perfect gift for Valentines Day!
Adult superstar Courtney Cummz was a hit with our guests as she had taken several personal photos with many of our guests. The place was rocking with great music and light show by our new DJ. Guests won many great gifts and they all walked away with nice gift bags supplied by many of our sponsors.
These special events coordinated by the Déjà Vu Love Boutique in Vista are spectacular and everyone had a fun time and really enjoyed the fashion show featuring the latest Valentine lingerie along with super sexy clubwear by Forplay.
Déjà Vu Love Boutique is an upscale erotic boutique offering sexy lingerie, shoes, marital tools, bedtime toys, romantic kits, games, candles and massage oils, and much more! Located at 2130 Industrial Court, Vista, California 92081. Phone: 760-598-5889.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ophoria~A high end toy without the highend price

Introducing...Ophoria, fine bedroom toys that offer an elegant design and exquisite quality. Each toy is thoughtfully created with sumptious pleasure in mind and seamlessly partnered with technical and material excellence. If you are looking for a clean, simple, high end toy without paying the highend price, you've got to experience these exquisite bedroom toys.

OPHORIA is a brand that has a commitment to quality and material integrity of which is an integral part of their product design and commitment to their customers. OPHORIA only uses medical grade silicone. The benefits of silicone:
Non-porous material
Hypo-allergenic and ultra-hygienic
Warms to body temperature quickly
Velvety smooth texture
Dynamic material, firm yet flexible
Durable and long lasting

You can find the OPHORIA line at many Love Boutiques, Pleasure Emporium, Barnett Adult Superstore, Adult Emporium, and Jolar Cinema (our sister stores) around the country.