Monday, March 8, 2010

Spice up your casual wear with some sexy stilettos!

Are you tired of looking drab and boring with your wardrobe?  Go out and get you a pair of stiletto shoes.  Stiletto shoes are some of the most glamorous accessories out there.  Not only do you feel sexy and amazing, but your calves and thighs will look better than they ever have and the added height will make you appear and feel like a fashion-model, sleek and tall. There are several advantages that stilettos have you are probably wondering why you should not just wear them all the time. The good news is, you very nearly can--if your feet can take it, of course.
*Stilettos can spark up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. (Make sure your jeans are long enough, so they don't appear as if you wear clothes too small).
*Wear skirts that are lose and flowing.
*Avoid shorts.  Shorts may be too casual to wear with stilettos, they may make you look overdone, and at worst, trampy.

Some fairly priced and sexy shoes you may like: Pleasers and Taboo, are a few ideas.  Look great and be sexy!!