Thursday, May 20, 2010

*Memorial Day~Made in the USA! The Liberator, Sex Furniture*

Warm weather means vacations, and it’s time to get ready to go away and remind ourselves why we put up with all that crap at work all year. Travel to special places, great food and drinks, sunshine, souvenirs, no telephones and time to chill. But, what really makes it super special is special sex. Morning sex, nooners and night caps. Short of conjugal visit sex, nothing beats hotel sex. Doing it in a strange place with a “Do not Disturb” sign on the door (yeah, the maid knows) or rocking the balcony, the giggles when the headboard thumps a Macarena on your neighbor’s wall, all part of the excitement.

You plan for weeks, you check out the local hotels and restaurants, night spots and attractions. You go parasailing, deep sea fishing, clubbing at night. And then, to make the day perfect, back for some of that hotel sex you’ve been drooling for. Your heart beats just a bit faster as you open the door. And then it hits you. The bed is just a bed, flatter than a malnourished pre-teen. A two dimensional platform for what should be a multimedia experience.

Where’s my Liberator? You packed the lube, but it won’t be the same. No Ramp, no Wedge, no Esse. It won’t be special. It won’t even be like home. But it could be. It could be even better. It could be mind blowing freakin’ amazing, because just in time for travel season, Liberator has some special adult travel must-brings. First, load up on lube. Take along a smorgasbord, so there’s always something to suit the mood. Water based, silicone, oil and edible all have their places. (Have you ever heard of the oil and vinegar lube? Salad dressing and douche in one!) If you want to be discrete, bring along your Fascinator Throe, or-what the hell-they change the sheets for free. We’ve been working overtime to get you irresistible deals on the hottest seasonal toys, Jimmyjane Form 6 Blue and the Sunny Tickler. Both just scream summer fun, and promise on plenty of screaming when they come to play.

Now for the pieces de resistance. Liberator shapes up for travel with a spin on the Axis mini or a Bonbon for dessert. Both are designed for easy and discrete transportability, and offer the unique ability to combine exciting positioning with hands-free delivery of your favorite plaything to your favorite play spot.

Now go pack your suitcase and get ready to make some memories